Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Another Bump

Well, reporting another bump is really not the post we want to be posting today, but alas we have no choice, because dad is once again in the hospital. His fever was elevated enough last night to warrant him being admitted.

His body is still struggling to fight off this darn infection. They've had to go easy on the antibiotics in order to keep his kidneys functioning correctly, and it just hasn't been enough to take care of the infection. They have now called in for back-up, and have him working with the infectious disease specialists. Hopefully they will be able to pinpoint the bug giving him trouble so they can get rid of it once and for all. Dad thinks that if they can't figure it out he wants to get that doctor from "House" on the case. So dad's sense of humor is still intact, and that's a good thing.

There is other good news to report too. He is eating and drinking better all the time, which is fabulous. The infectious disease guys are running lots of tests on him right now, and have ruled out of couple of things that would have really been trouble, so that's encouraging too.

We will keep you posted on his progress. Thanks to all of you for loving and caring about our dad. Your prayers, notes and phonecalls keep us all going.




Scott Critchlow said...

Just wanted to send my best wishes, love, and prayers that you will respond well to the antibiotics and the infectious disease specialists can figure this out and get rid of whatever it is that seems to like you so! You hang in there and know that your friends are there for you and Lynn and the family. If I can do anything at all to help (or hinder) please just let me know. I hope you feel so much better very soon. Be a good patient!

the kings said...

I'm pretty sure Maggie has a sympathy fever today! Both of you need to knock it off. We love you and MISS you. Tyler and I are going to look at airplane tickets right now - hopefully I will see you in a few weeks. Hang in there :) Love you so very much!!
Ty, Kel and kids

Mark said...


As someone who has troubles with infections I do, to some degree, understand what you are going through. My trouble became quite serious too and I know that you will get through this in time.

Your spirit and resolve is strong and I am sure that you will come through this too. You are the super star and don't forget it.


Hoovy4 said...

More prayer and best wishes coming from Washington. I've been keeping up through the blog. What you're going through sounds so familiar - transplants are such a miracle and a source of frustration. My dad says he'll put in a good word to the "Kidney Gods" for you! A sense of humor really helps. And so does a dose of cynicism. Hope you feel better and the dr's figure out the best cocktail of meds.

Rick and Jan said...

We went and saw Steve yesterday. He was feeling a lot better than he did Wednesday. He is still sporting the Elmer Fudd hairdo (I look more like Yoda myself.) But we watched him eat half of a big meal and that is good news. I wanted to eat the other half, but it was not offered to me. He did fall asleep while Jan was talking to him. I have learned not to do that anymore. Anyway, he looked to me like he was getting better.