Friday, May 1, 2009

Turning A Corner

Steve is at day 35 post-transplant and he swore by day 34 he was going to turn a corner and get on with recovery! As Rick Stevens said in a comment on the last post, he does look like he is getting better. Proof in the pudding-

  • His temperature is dropping and is much closer to normal and........ it has not spiked for the past 24 hours
  • His kidney function tests are improving
  • As Rick mentioned he is eating better - sorry he didn't offer you his leftovers Rick
  • Drug rash has disappeared - Steve tells me he is just a sensitive guy! True, but does he have to be sensitive to - not in a good way- two antibiotics that can actually kill super bugs???
  • He is up and walking - not running races for sure - but walking and enjoying all the original art work here at the Huntsman. Past hospitalizations have been at the University of Utah Hospital, however the BMT Unit there was full and sadly he upgraded to the Hilton. I am referring to the facilities only - both have excellent nursing staff.

There are still a few more hurdles but Steve is being optimistic and said to tell you all that we will be home in a few days! Of course he knows he has very little to say about that decision. This has been a long week and again we can't express to you how much your prayers have meant to us. They make such a big difference and are greatly appreciated. One of the first phone calls I made last week reporting that Steve was encountering another "bump" was to my place of employment. Dawneen was the lucky one who answered the phone and heard the strain in my voice - or maybe it was a meltdown- thanks Dawneen for putting up with the come-apart. Since that time I know many friends and family have taken their prays for Steve to a new level and we have felt the difference. THANK YOU SO MUCH. Love, Lynn


Q said...

This is good to hear. We are glad you are remaining optimistic, as we are also. We love you both and keep you in our prayers constantly.

Scott Critchlow said...

So good to read Lynn's optimistic words and hope each day gets better and better for you all. What a deal huh? No one told you to expect all these "extra added sub plots" did they? Well, you keep being strong and don't get too used to being waited on and such. I hope you feel so much better every day and that before long we'll be having lunch with the other old farts! Take care buddy.

The Winchester's said...

Ok, a pirate walks into church(bar) and the bishop(bartender)says" I can see by the way you are dressed and the parrot on your shoulder the eye patch the hook in place of your left hand and the peg leg your a pirate. Why do you have a steering wheel tied around your waist". The pirate replied,"arrrgh, its driven me nuts" It sound like this infection is driving you and the fam nuts.
But you are a get off the freeway take the road less traveled guy, so bless you and the famliy for being a great travel guide. We love you all so much.

Georgia said...

Hang in there! Our prayers are with you! -Cousin Georgia