Friday, April 10, 2009

Home Again

Steve was able to return home from the hospital on Wednesday afternoon. Jennifer was here during his hospitalization which was good for both the patient and the caregiver. Thanks to Gary and the kids for sharing her this past week. Steve is still having difficulty eating and drinking - the progress has been very slow. He does have an active infection at the central line site - cellulitis - this will be a slow healing process as well. We continue to visit the clinic at the Huntsman often for lab work and IV infusions as he is not able to take in enough fluids on his own yet. We are giving IV antibiotics at home and hoping to eradicate those nasty germs soon!

We would both like to thank the staff at the University of Utah Hospital they took good care of Steve. Below is a picture of Suzy who happened to be his nurse for four days in a row. As you can see she was a ray of sunshine - great sense of humor and a good nurse to boot. Bob gets the award for the consummate night nurse, he gets in and out quickly, doing his work efficiently allowing his patients the rest they need. Thanks for the follow up call Bob. Elma was his nurse again and he finds her very competent and oh so kind. Thanks to all and please don't take it personal as we hope we don't have to visit you again!!

Suzy getting Steve ready to go home.

Again thanks to our family and friends for your love, support, prayers and for participating in the fast this past Sunday. We hope you all have a wonderful Easter with your families.


Annabel said...

We always have you in our prayers but will send up an extra prayer on Easter morning for a good outcome on the day representing the best of outcomes.
We have been transfering our videos to DVD and were just watching video of your family, with Mary Ann's and Allison's in Virginia at Halloween. Everyone looked so young (I mean the parents and grandparents, too).
Love you both - hugs for the family when you can hug with impunity again. Ann and Ben

Mark said...

Keep up the good work Tanner and I will buy you lunch when you are ready to once again have lunch with 'boys'!


jan jordan said...


I'm so glad you are home. Having to be in the hospital can be feel like a set back, but also can be reassuring that things don't get worse and can stay under control and move forward in your engraftment. With Easter just yesterday, I know that the Lord knows what you are going through, and loves you. HE is with us ALWAYS as you know, and I am comforted by that thought as I put your name in the Temple. As I read the comments from your friends and family, I am so glad you have such love and fun memories with them. And there will be alot more fun to come!! Lynn is your ROCK, BEST FRIEND, and SWEETHEART. And the girls are your ANGELS (as Dick called his Laura). You are in my prayers-always in my heart. We are so grateful to have you in our lives!! Love you, Jan J

Book Girl said...

I wanted to answer a couple of questions I have been getting from friends and family. The cental line (port) which became infected has been removed. He now has a PIC line where he gets the IV antibiotic and fludis.

How bad has the eating been?? Quote from Steve, "If I was going to the electric chair right now, I'd just say please don't make me eat anything for my last meal!"

Also wanted to report that he actually ate food this morning with minimal pain involved in the process. Yeah for that! Lynn

Scott Critchlow said...

Hey Mr. Tanner,
I am so glad you are able to come home and I hope the transition back to normalness, whatever that is, goes more smoothly for you and Lynn and that you can get the infection under control quickly. I, too, will buy you lunch when you are able and look forward to many more "boys" get togethers. My thoughts and prayers are with you for a solid and speedy recovery. I cannot tell you enough how much I admire you and your attitude for what you have gone through. You are indeed a "rock star", so keep up the good work.