Monday, March 11, 2013


We are grateful for many things today.   Steve just received news that his markers are still stable!  Whew - every six months he has extensive testing and just prior to learning the results you might say that we are a bit on edge.  His doctor said he will need to come back in nine months for his next work up and have lab work quarterly rather than monthly.  Thank you!!

                          Steve, Lynn, Audrey, Charmaine Halversen

I included a picture of us with our granddaughter Audrey and her Grandma Charm (you can see that Audrey takes after her), Audrey just entered the MTC last week and will head out in six weeks to serve an LDS Mission in Tampa Florida.  She will be learning the Spanish language and will have the privilege of teaching  those who speak Spanish in that area.  Love Audrey.......her love of life, the Gospel of Jesus Christ and her willingness to devote the next 18 months to serving the Lord.  Like I said many blessings in our lives even in the midst of life's difficulties.  

                         Annie, Kelly, Audrey, Jennifer, Steve, and Tanner

Recent family ski day while Kelly was visiting from Wisconsin.  Not everyone is in this photo, Gary and Ethan were elsewhere - and unfortunately Tyler and the King children were in Wisconsin.  But as you can see Grandpa Steve is with the girls and some of the grand children - notice that two of Jennifer's children  are taller that she is!  Good times, so grateful that we are blessed with a wonderful supportive family.