Sunday, April 19, 2009

Bumps In The Road

"Set backs are bumps in the road, they are not the end of the roads."

Yes friends Steve has hit some bumps in the road the past few weeks.
Continuing infection at the port site - MRSA- for any of you medical types. Very hard to get rid of as it is resistant to most antibotics. The one antibiotic it does respond to (Vancomycin) has done a number on Steve's kidneys and they and not filtering as they should. We are hopeful that the kidneys will kick in soon and that there won't be any lasting effects. The medical staff say that they should do so and don't seem hugely concerned. A continuing problem is that Steve is having a difficult time eating and drinking, last week we were in clinic each day for IV fluids. They are renal dosing the antibiotic and he still gets it IV, just not as often.
Steve didn't have the energy to make a post but wanted me to let you know that he is miserable and has resorted to whining! Love that his humor is intact. Thanks for the calls and emails - I got word that the blog was of no help and to get with it and post something. We did enjoy the calls so maybe I'll quit updating.


Ann said...

Whining is good. And may the bumps smooth out soon. You are in our thoughts and prayers always.

Cindy said...

I am so glad he is makes you feel better so go ahead and whine all you want.
Thanks for the post so we can keep track of what is going on.

NHaacke said...

we are thinking of you two constantly and Steve is in our prayers all the time I too believe it is good to see a man whine once in a while. It is good for you..
Love you guys always
Brent and Nancy

Q said...

Poor Steve, not whining! I thought only women/girls did that! Are you still able to be at home or is he back in the hospital. Being at home is at least a positive note. We will keep you in our prayers.

thehalvs said...

Dad whining? Say it isn't so. Hey, if you don't get whine during chemotherapy, infections, and kidney malfunctions, when do you?

I love you dad.

jan jordan said...

It's OK to say you are tired of feeling this way. The second one ain't no fun, but gets better. You can whine- it's time you were normal. I knew it was too quiet on your end, so I've worried you must have been on a "downer". Hang in there. the BETTER will look BETTER SOON.
I love you both, and you both are in me prayers. Thank you for the blog. I know sometimes you can be just too busy or tired for calls, or at at least we were.


The Winchester's said...

Steve, stop whining and go right to _itching! You deserve it. Lynn I just called Rob and wished a him a happy 62nd and it hit me I forgot yours, sorry. Hangin out with the aarp gang makes me feel so young, or maybe its just all the diapers I change, I love you both. Hang in there.

Rick and Jan said...

Can you see me on the road ahead of you? I'll stop and wait for you and we can plow on together. I'm on day 87 since transplant and I am eating in restaurants. (Don't tell Abby.) OK only certain restaurants that Jan has inspected, but I am eating in restaurants. I feel good. It is coming. Hold you breath and turn the corner.
Do I need to come back and get you?

Judy Cooley said...

Thank heavens the road is still open! Bumps are do-able. especially with some whinning and moaning. Thanks Lynn for talking to my sister who is traveling the same bump filled road. Only the truly valient warriors fight cancer- much love to your family! Judy Cooley

The Turman's said...

We are keeping you in your thoughts and prayers!
If this if the first of his whining then you are very lucky because young men are usually the worst patients! Love you both.