Monday, April 6, 2009

Thanks for the Prayers

Once upon a time, dad had a blog. Now it seems to belong to mom and the girls. This is Jennifer, Steve's other daughter. Thank you everyone for your fasting and prayers, dad has responded well to the antibiotics and his white blood cell count is going up every day. He is eating and drinking on his own again, and is hoping to be home soon.

He is managing to maintain his usual sense of humor, joking and giving the nurses and aids a hard time. He has been lucky the last few days to have had very good nurses.
(Yes Rick, we all like Suzy!)

We will let you all know as soon as he gets home, and certainly when he is cleared to have visitors. Thank you again for your prayers, blog comments, email, and phone calls.
You are the greatest friends and family in the world.
Dad loves you all.


Q said...

This is wonderful news! We are sure glad you girls have taken over the blog for the time being so we can all stay up to date.

the Taylors said...

Yay!! We couldn't have asked for better news. Thanks for the post, Jenn - it helps so much to know what's going on!
Love ya,
Kristen and Matt

The Turman's said...

We are so happy to hear that you are responding well to the treatment! Keep up the good work! Thanks Jenn and Kelly for keeping up updated! Love to all

The Winchester's said...

Sweet! Way to go. We pray everyday, the girls want you to get better because you have the best play room in the world and the cant come over till Steve's hair grow's back. And a purple bathroom, wow I think that is on my to do list. Keep up the good work. Oh by the way, the Robe has moved up in the top 5, what a great Lenten read !

the kings said...

Dad -
So grateful you could come home! I'm glad Jenn could stay a while this week - I'm sure it was great to have her and she was thrilled to help. Hope the Paul's favorite goes down easy for you - a delicious King family treat. Ty actually had pretty good success with the swingset last night by the way...handsome and handy - what do you know! Lots of LOVE. - Kelly

3 boYs aNd a giRL said...

So good to hear that you're home. Now get better so we can see the both of you!! I really think Cooper is missing you guys. He has come up to me at least once everyday this week and said "remember Lynn and Steve?", almost like he's not sure if HE remembers :)

Cindy said...

Hey Steve glad you are keeping that sense of humor and getting better along with it. I am sure those good nurse will hate to see you leave but that is what they are suppose to do... do a great job and get you out of there. I am so grateful for family and friends who can fast and pray and for a loving Heavenly Father who is there to hear everyone's prayers. hang in there and hopefully we will see you soon. Thanks to your two great daughters for keeping us up to date.

Love you all