Sunday, March 1, 2009

Laughter, the Best Medicine

Kelly and I are here visiting this weekend and thought we'd take over the blog for a bit. We all went to church together today and were reminded in one of the lessons about the importance of humor in dealing with adversity. We have found this to be very true and want to share some of our favorite comments people have made about dad's cancer.

Children say the darndest things-...

Annie Grace (Jenn's youngest) - After grandpa had been sitting in the passenger seat of Jenn and Gary's car... "Mom, don't sit in that seat, you might get the cancer." Grandpa and Grandma love how she calls it 'the cancer.'

Lia (Kelly's oldest) - After months of praying for grandpa's health she sighed and said, "Isn't he better yet?" (Our cousin Q has mentioned similar comments coming from her kids. Would that we all had such simple faith.)

Annie Grace again - While taking his hand on a walk... "Grandpa, I love you even though you have the cancer."

Bridgette (the young girl next door) - After Grandma Lynn commented on Bridgette's cute new haircut, "I gave my hair to 'Locks of Love' and I've been thinking that Steve might get it!"

(Speaking of 'Locks of Love' here is one of our favorite Annie Grace comments of all time. Her older sister Lauren had been growing out her hair for 'Locks of Love' and we were explaining to Annie about how they use that hair to make wigs for people who have lost theirs due to an illness. Gary (her naturally bald daddy) was teasing the kids about what a great wig his hair would make and she replied, "But daddy, you wouldn't even be able to see it on the shelf!")

Riley (Kelly's Niece) - Following her dad's explanation of why people fast..."Oh, so when I'm old enough, I can fast for people like Lia's grandpa!"

Adults get in on the action...

Lynn - This comment from mom about made our Uncle Roy fall off his chair with shock and uncertain laughter. Dad was saying how no one is guaranteed tomorrow, and that you never know, he might even outlive mom. To which mom replied, "Yes, but that wouldn't be the smart way to bet!"

Charmaine (Jenn's mother in law) - Soon after dad was diagnosed Charmaine saw Steve and Lynn at a wedding. She knew of his diagnosis, but didn't know if it was too soon to approach them about it. She told me later on that she chose not to say anything yet but instead turned to him and gave him a 'strong fist.' We think that is pretty adorable. Just picture an 80 year old woman raising her fist in tribute to my dad in the middle of a wedding reception. What a character!

Scott (dad's good friend from work) - Dad went to lunch with a group of people from work the other day and Scott said to him, "Can I ask you a personal question?" Dad was curious what was coming next because you never know where someone is going with a question like that, but told him, "Sure." Scott then said, "Can I rub your head?" And it's understandable isn't it? Dad's head is pretty cool right now.

Dad weighs in...

Dad is seriously one of the funniest guys I know, and has been an example to the rest of us when it comes to approaching his illness with humor.

Since the diagnosis, mom has been trying so hard to get dad to take his vitamins and watch what he eats etc. His response? "Oh Lynn, don't you think that's like shutting the barn door once the horse is already out?" Good luck mom.

This is my personal favorite. I can't believe dad had such a great attitude right out of the gate. Mom and Dad had just come out of the doctor's office after having learned of his cancer. They got in the car and really, what do you even say to each other at this point? Dad came up with the following, "Well, thank heavens I didn't waste a lot of time exercising!" Honestly, you have to love him.

We've had a great time visiting. Thanks for the meals, the love, the skiing, and the late night chats!

Jenn and Kelly


thehalvs said...

steve - i'm not asking for "the cancer" but i sure hope that my girls love me someday as much as jenn and kelly love you! hang in there!
-- gary

Q said...

We love the humor of everyone. Glad you had such a great weekend together.

Cindy said...

Thank you for sharing all those humorous comments. It is good to have a little humor during these times.
What a great looking family. I am sure it was a great weekend for you all. You are the best.
Hope to see you soon.

3 boYs aNd a giRL said...

So glad you all had a great weekend laughing together...and thanks for sharing a little bit of the humor with us. Miss you all!!

the kings said...

Hi Grandpa Steve. I love you!