Saturday, March 28, 2009

Transplant II

Raj preparing to defrost Steve's stem cells-

Andrea, Steve's P.A., Amelia, one of Steve's favorite nurses and the man himself!

The past several days have been eventful and this round of chemotherapy introduced us to new friends - referring back to Steve's slogan "Chemo Is My Friend." So now on board are Carmustine, Gemcitabine (cousins maybe) and old friends, Bortezomib, Melphalan and good old Dexamethasone. Yes Dex is a steroid as well as the only oral medication in the bunch and we are told it helps create a hostile environment for the cancer cells. Following the infusion of these friendly foes Steve had transplant number two on Friday. Above you will see Raj and the container that houses Steve's stem cells as they wait to return home. Hopefully the ten million or so that are left will have to wait a very long time to be utilized.

Steve your are truly the BEST!! Yes, Sarah the best! (Sorry an inside family story-)

A shout out to my husband, the gold standard of how to be a patient. Grace under pressure comes to mind. He very rarely, if ever whines - whining has always been something Steve finds intolerable, right girls?? Always says thank you for any small act of service or kindness shown. I will never be able to match his amazing demeanor if the tables are turned. I do realize this is not news to those who know us well. I have cherished the alone time we have shared and hope Steve feels the same. We are closing in on the last phase and section of the road -- so as Judy Cooley said - Go show cancer what metal you are made of!

Many thanks!

A huge thanks to all who continue to check in and send words of encouragement . We appreciate your love, support and especially your prayers.


Q said...

Go Steve! You're still a rock star of chemo!

the kings said...

Yay - I'm so glad this is the final stretch - can't wait til it's over and Steve can get back to feeling himself. You are both rock stars - and we all love you so!
Kel and family

thehalvs said...

It is true, dad never did go for whining! He always told us not to be wimpy women. I guess he's as good as his teachings because he is certainly not a wimpy patient.

Love you both!

Kim said...

Yahoo! We just wanted to check in and see how it's going. You are BOTH AMAZING!!!
Love you,
Kim, Greg, and the kids

Ann said...

We are anxious for the end of this adventure for both of you and hope the week is going well.
Love you,
Ann and Paul

Rick and Jan said...

Hi Steve and Lynn,
We're praying that these next 10 days will just be sleepy and nothing else!! My best advice would be to try hard to at least drink ensure, gatorade or frozen pedialite pops (by the 4th bad day Rick finally took one bite!) Just know that it doesn't last long and it is so great to have Rick healthy and feeling so good. His hair is not back yet, but he's shaving!! Hang in there!

We are guessing that today is the day you fall backwards into the pit. I think I was on day six the last time I saw you and you know how I looked. But know this -- This too will pass. I know first hand what it is like fighting to control your bodily functions, counting every day until day eleven or twelve, thinking to yourself, "I am going to start out of this in five days. I can hold my breath for five days." Today I am on day 65 and it happens to be my birthday. Last night we snuck out to the Joseph Smith Building and I had a blue bacon burger. (Don't tell Abby!) In five days you will be starting thru the door out of this nightmare.