Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Good News

Last Friday Lynn and I met with Dr. Zangari to go over my test results to see if I was healthy enough to proceed with Transplant II and to find out how effective my treatment to date has been in killing off the Myeloma. I am happy to say that the news was positive on both accounts. My heart, lungs, kidneys and blood are all in good shape and as a result I started chemo yesterday (5 hour + infusion) and so far the side effects have been minimal. I have today and tomorrow off, more chemo on Thursday and Transplant II on Friday.

As for my Myeloma markers, my PET scan showed no lytic bone lesions (excellent) and my bone marrow biopsy showed that my Kappa Qnt Free Light Chains and my Immunoglobulin G Serum have both dropped faster than my 401K and are hovering just above the level that is considered complete remission (very good). I'm sure that lytic lesions, Kappa Free Light Chains and Immunoglobulin G Serum mean about as much to most of you as they do to me, but what really counts is that I am very close to being in complete remission and there is every reason to believe this last round of treatment will get me there.

Thanks again for all of your prayers, love and support.



thehalvs said...

Yeah for good news! We love you dad. You are funny. I wasn't expecting humor in this post and your 401K joke cracked me up. A good attitude as usual.

Ann said...

Hooray! What wonderful news - and you are right, the long words don't mean much, but the end result what we have been praying for.
Love you,
Ann and Paul

Q said...

You are right, humor keeps the spirits lifted; and it's good to hear some good humor from you. We are sure glad we were able to have you visit before your chemo started again.

3 boYs aNd a giRL said...

Wow!! All I understood was (excellent) and (very good)...but those are exactly the words I've been waiting to hear. Very good news. So bummed that we didn't get to see you on Sunday. But we'll definitely catch ya after this next round. Good luck and hang in there, you're almost there. We love ya.


The Turman's said...

So happy that you have recieved good news. Loved the 401K crack! You are continually in our thoughts and prayers! Love, Lance & Jena

Cindy said...

Hey Steve. Great News. I really didn't know anything could fall faster than a 401k. It is good to know that it is good for something to fall that fast. Glad that miracles still happen and that you are on the receiving end. You are the best and keep up the great humor we all love it.


The Lehi Petersens said...

go steve!! good luck tomorrow in your last transplant. it was good to visit with you in the live sunday. we love you!!

nat :-)