Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

Over the years there have been many memorable Thanksgiving days, mostly the traditional variety spent with family at our home or the home of a close relative. There have also been a few non-traditional Turkey days, several ski trips and one unforgetable Thanksgiving dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe in Sydney, Austrailia. But regardless of where we were, it always involved at least part of our extended family, that is, until today. Our isolation has certainly made this a memorable Thanksgiving day (although not one I would wish to repeat). However, it has caused me to stop and think about our families and how important they are in enriching our lives. There is an old movie, I think it was called "Parenthood" where someone was bemoaning having children and all the problems they bring into our lives. Someone else then points out that family's are like a carnival and having children is like chosing to ride the roller coaster rather than the merry-go-round. Sure the merry-go-round is safer, but what is the fun in that. So all of you that have the opportunity to spend this day with your family take time to hug them all, tell them that you love them and be thankful for the richness their diversity brings to your life.

Condition update - All is going well and as expected. I am at my lowest (immunity wise) for the next few days so we are holed up in the hotel until that improves. It is not like being home but it sure beats being in the hospital. We had Marie Callendars frozen Turkey dinners for our Thanksgiving meal and they were really quite good. I'm not suggesting them for next year, but they were better than I had anticipated.


Ann said...

Steve and Lynn,
Our conversations with all our kids include you and they are constant with their concern and love. All but Greg's and John's family will be here for a Friday Thanksgiving (in-law arrangements). Our prayers will join together for many things, including and especially you. All is well with us. I called Roy tonight and he asked if there was Oregon golf in our future. I assured him there was and we would look toward june or after that. He said he would cook, and I don't see how we can pass that up.
All our love,
Paul and Ann

Kim said...

Steve and Lynn,
Thanks so much for the posts. This week when I was getting my hair cut I met a gal with Multiple Myeloma. She is 40 and in remission. Her treatment sounded very similar to what you're doing and she said to tell you to hang in there.
We love you both and hope that you can get home soon!
All our love,
Greg, Kim, and the kids

Dave said...

Steve! Thank you for your words of encouragement and reminding us of the wonderful family traditions we take for granted. Satu and I were able to meet most of our kids and Diane and Phil at Grammy's house along with all of Diane and Phil's kids. It's been great. Georgia and Hilario were here and told us about your blog. We're all cheering for you. - Dave and Satu Woodland

David and Frances said...

Steve and Lynn-
We appreciate you going to the trouble of maintaining this blog (recognizing that it's probably easier than not maintaining it!) It's nice to be able to keep up without being intrusive. Anyway, you're in our thoughts and prayers. Hang in (counseling people over the last few years, I've observed that hanging in accounts for pretty good chunks of our lives; oh, well).
Much love,
David and Frances Lykins

the Halversens said...

It was wonderful to see you briefly during our visit. Wish we could have had Thanksgiving with you, but there is always next year. Thank heavens Gary makes some killer lumpy potatoes. I am always thankful for the two of you.