Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Goodbye to the Chemo Pack

What a handsome dog -doesn't he look GREAT!
Not all goodbyes are sad. Steve was more than happy to part with the back pack, the bags with the toxic cocktail and , those pesky tubes. More than once he got up from the chair without thinking to take the pack - of course he didn't get far without being reminded by his new best friend that he also needed to come along. Happy to report that there has been no puking, nausea only, which has been fairly well managed with the medications. Yeah for drugs in this case. Tired is how Steve finds himself and is napping like an old man! He did ask me to make this post and said he did not have to approve it before I published it. Again thanks for the calls, emails and comments they are so helpful as we feel the pain of isolation right now. (Not that we aren't fascinating company). Our daughter Jennifer and her family are in Utah and we are not able to be with them to carve the turkey this year - look forward to sharing many more in the future with all of our loved ones. Have a great Thanksgiving Holiday - we are thankful for many things and plan to celebrate by ourselves, a Thanksgiving we won't soon forget.


the kings said...

What's up Dad!! - lookin' good. Sorry we can't celebrate the turkey festivities together this year. I'm glad Jenn got to pop in for a quick hello at least! Thanks for posting so we can see your face....we MISS YOU! Kings should be here any minute - I am excited to see Katie play, and to have miss Kiley visit the great state of Wisconsin for the first time. LOVE AND HUGS -
- Kelly

I really wish you were making me some lumpy potatoes tomorrow - I always make them smooth and disgusting. :)

roccme said...

Hey Steve, I heard about your blog from Annie and thought I would check in... Ya, the old chemo pack had to be a real nuisance, but it had it's purpose, right? I never did the chemo pack, but I did have to inject myself with some sort of junk or other for a brief period leading up to having my stem cells harvested. I would like to come over and see you sometime soon (you know, just to see if you really look as bad as the picture shows...(jk)). I hope you and the family have a great Thanksgiving this year. Please know that we are thinking of you and hoping for a quick recovery!

Love you brother!

3 boYs aNd a giRL said...

Well, we too are going to miss the lumpy mashed potatoes this year...we will try to lump it up tomorrow in your honor :) But I'm positive Thanksgiving won't be the same without the two of you!!

Love you!! Please take care.