Friday, May 15, 2009

Potential for recovery looks good / Angels

Knock on wood

I’m almost afraid to tell you how I am feeling this week. It seems with the last round of chemo and transplant that every time things seems to be on track some bacteria, virus or fungus comes out of nowhere, knocks me for a loop and sets me back two weeks. But that being said I am going to tempt the fates and let you know that I am feeling great. I believe this has a lot to do with my daily dosage of anti-viral medication being cut in half.

On Monday of this week I tested negative for the CMV virus and they cut my medication in half. Within 48 hrs I felt like a completely new person. Next week I will test again and if it is still negative they will discontinue the medication completely. I am sure the large dose I was taking was making me ill and that things will be even better next week when it is discontinued totally.

As for right now I am feeling better than anytime in the last seven weeks. I am getting stronger every day and my mental attitude has improved significantly. I am exercising daily and my walk is up to a mile. This might not sound like much but two weeks ago a walk from my room to the nurse’s station and back would leave me exhausted.

A couple of comments to some of my fellow patients: To Rick, who is a few weeks ahead of me in this process. Thanks for being my guide and for constantly reminding me to hang in there, that this is temporary and the sun will shine again. To Kristine, who is a few weeks behind me in the process. Same advice, hang in there, this is just temporary and you will get your life back.

More Angels among us

Over the last six months we have had so many kindnesses extended to us from words of hope and support through letters, e-mails, phone calls, comments on the blog-site and visits; to more hands on support such as taking out our garbage, running errands for us, tilling the garden and shoveling the driveway and walks this entire winter. Last Saturday was just one more example of the true charity of Christ that has been extended to us so freely by family and friends alike.

Saturday morning Lynn’s Brother Keith, his wife Cindy, daughter Stacie, son-in-law Casey and son Josh all showed up at our house to give our yard a spring cleaning. They spent the entire day weeding, trimming and spreading bark in the flower beds. The yard looks great, much better than if I had done it myself. But for those who know Keith and Cindy, this should not come as a surprise. Their care, artistry and attention to detail shows up in everything they do, from their home, to their work or to any project they tackle. Thanks again to the Smiths and the Hills for their constant love and support.

I have attached pictures to show the crew in action.


Stacie & Casey



Q said...

That Smith/Hill clan, they are good folk! So glad to hear you are feeling better each week. We need to have another get together before we leave (June3).

thehalvs said...

Yeah to the Smith's! Thanks for looking out for the folks!

And dad...It's about dang time you started feeling better!

the kings said...

The smith/hills rock! The yard looked awesome. Thanks for a great weekend...I love you!
- Kelly

Georgia said...

Checking in to see your progress, and I hope it's still good! Any chance you'll come to the Bird Reunion on July 11th? Tell Keith and Cindy to come, too! We'll be there (my husband, Hilario, and I, that is). Hugs! -Cousin Georgia