Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Last Thursday and Friday I was able to complete my stem cell collection. Almost 22 million cells in 2 days. Not a record, some showoff got 30 million in one day, but I was happy to get it done as quickly as I did.

I'm told that my job for the next few weeks is to eat, sleep, exercise moderately, and build up my immune system so thy can knock it down again with the next round of chemo when I start stem cell transplant the week after Christmas. I guess the philosophy is to get me strong enough so they can hit me hard without doing too much damage to my body in the process.

Anyway, the next few weeks should be the easiest of the whole program and I am looking forward to the break in active treatment.



Q said...

We're glad it went so smoothly. Hope you enjoy the break for the Christmas Holiday. We are continually thinking of you and praying for you.

thehalvs said...

I love how funny you are. Showing off with a big stem cell collection count. Love it.


Jana said...

Hi Tanners, We are constantly thinking of you and praying for you. We love your energy and great out look! Lynn, thanks for all your service in the Relief Society. We learn so much from you. Thanks again, Jana Wahlen

The Lehi Petersens said...

We are happy to hear you have a small reprieve in the treatment process. Merry Christmas to you! ;-) Thanks for keeping us updated on your treatment. We think of you often and Carter and Kimble have added you and Lynn to their regular rambling prayer. We love you guys!

nat :-)

the kings said...

DAD! _
I'm coming to see you in a few hours! I'm so excited - I'm so glad you can have visitors right now! xoxoxoxoxoxo

ali said...

You are on an amazing rollercoaster ride...and you and Lynn are riding with grace and style! I'm very impressed with your stem cell production and I bet the "30 million in one day" guy was cheating! Enjoy your time off for good behavior...or stem cell production! You are in our hearts and prayers.

annette said...

We are excited to hear that things are going well. Steven has been asking doctors at Huntsman about you. We've added your name to several temple prayer rolls--while you were posting this we were in the San Antonio Temple. Since it's one of the most wonderful temples on earth, the prayer roll ought to be extra effective! Loved the bald! The Dickmans

Laurie said...

I'm thinking about you guys and praying for you! You guys have been a great example to me of kindness ever since Kelly and I became friends so many years ago!

Laurie Pritchett Coleman