Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Kelly's visit

As I have previously posted, I am in my recovery period between the first and second rounds of chemo. A good time for visitors, so Kelly flew in from Wisconsin to spend a few days with us, as coming home for Christmas with the family was not going to be an option this year. It was great to have her with us for a few days. She cooked for us, painted our front window for Christmas and generally lifted our spirits just by being here. A special thanks to Tyler for taking on all 3 kids by himself so Kelly could spend a few days with us.

As it turned out Jennifer and her family were here at the same time as Kelly. Their original plan was to be here at Christmas, however, Gary’s sister Maren passed away a few days before Kelly’s visit and the whole family came down for the funeral. Maren was 53 years old and had downs syndrome. She was a real sweetheart and will be missed by all of us. We didn’t get a lot of time with Jennifer and family as their visit was short and of course most of their time was spent with Gary’s family at this time of grief. However, they were able to spend one afternoon with us and I have posted a few pictures of their visit as well.

Right now I am feeling pretty good. My immune system is almost back to normal and my energy level is getting better every day. The second round of chemo starts the first of the year and the stem cell transplant takes place on the fifth day after chemo starts. Until then it is just rest, relax and recover.

Kelly and the Dad.

Making a chicken pot pie. Almost too pretty to eat.

Painting the front window

Making cookies with Jennifer's kids.

Jennifer making the frosting.

Gary and Steve. Two bald men, one from genetics, one from chemo.


thehalvs said...

What cute daughters and grandkids you have. I'm not biased though:)

The Lehi Petersens said...

i'll echo jen's comment- what cute kids and grandkids you have! so glad you were able to be together before Christmas. are you doing the rest, relax and recover that you are suppose to be doing? love you and keeping you in our prayers.

nat :-)

Paul, Sandra, Hailey, Sophie said...

Wow, it was great seeing you guys face to face again ! Sandra and Katie got our Blogspot going Sunday so I hope this gets through. Thanks for the love and the books. The only down side is that I was reading "the Kite Runner" until 11pm which makes the 430 wake up call a ___ch.

jan jordan said...

What a blessing to have the girls here for Christmas. Shannon sends her love to Kelly and all of you. Bald is in style, don't you know!
Glad to see you are behaving yourself. How is Lynn? You can't have a more loving caretaker.
Keep peace within.
Love, Jan

Scott Critchlow said...

I just wanted to wish you and Lynn a very Happy New Year for 2009 that is filled with good health and renewed hope for the future. 2008 can now be just a memorable year and one that led us all to appreciate our own health and all the advances that are daily being made by the medical experts. 2009 will be better for us all and my wish for you is good health and recovery from all you have gone through so far. Keep the faith...........it will get better! Happy New Year
Your bud,