Thursday, December 4, 2008

Bald is Beautiful

One of the things I was aware of when I started this adventure is that the effects of chemo will vary with every individual. Some get very ill, others hardly at all; some lose their hair, others do not. Since I completed my first round of chemo over a week ago I thought I was home free in regards to the hair situation. What I have learned since is that it takes a week or two for the damaged hair follicles to start letting go of your hair, which is why yesterday my hair started falling out in clumps. The worn out mop head was not exactly the style I was looking for so I recruited my next door neighbor Geri, along with her handy hair clippers, to come over and finish the job that the chemo has started. I figured at the rate I was losing hair it would only be about a week before it was all gone anyway and frankly it was making a mess. It was like having a diseased cat with a shedding problem in the house.

I have combed my hair the same way for the last forty years and my girls have always said I should get out of my rut and try something different. Well girls, what do you think?


the kings said...

Lookin stylin' dad! I seriously really like it - it makes you look hard core. And, as we all know it is about time you did something new with that hair! :) Mom said you were thinking you needed to get a tattoo and and a nose ring to go with your new bad a*! look....ya because there's no chance of infection at the tattoo parlor. I'm sure your doctor would be thrilled! You are the best dad in the world and I LOVE YOU! I can't wait to come see you in a few days. I will make some dinner, allow mom to do some errands, and paint the front window for a bit of holiday cheer! Love you and see you soon!!
- Kelly and fam

the Halversens said...

C'mon...You know I think bald is beautiful. Gar and I both have lots of practice with that head shaving business if you ever need some help.

You look great dad. Better than a diseased cat for sure!


Book Queen said...

Not only do you look tough Steve - we all know anyone who survives toxic chemicals being dumped into their bloodstream is TOUGH AS NAILS. You are awesome - hang in there and be extra nice to your caregiver!

Georgia said...

Hey there, Steve! Cousin Georgia here! Hey, I have to say you have a very nice-shaped head. Hang in there! We're pulling for you! Thanks for sharing your experiences. Love, Georgia