Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Getting out of Jail

Today I had my post transplant visit with Dr. Zangari. All of my lab work shows a strong recovery from the transplant and as a result he cleared me for visitors, going out in public (with some cautions), and limited moderate exercise (Lynn says I have to learn what this means. I tend to be a little pushy and impatient. I think if I can walk a mile one day I should be able to do a mile and a half the next, two miles the third and so on. This approach has gotten me in trouble several times in the past so I am committed that this time I will take it slow and easy).

When I asked Dr. Zangari about any specific precautions or restrictions he said “Avoid sick people, eat only cooked foods and get yourself as healthy as possible so we can do this again in March”. So that is exactly what I plan on doing.

Also, if I don’t post as often over the next month, don’t be concerned. It means that I am working hard at eating, sleeping and exercising (moderately), and getting my strength back as the Dr. prescribed. If something of any significance happens I will let you know. Otherwise I can’t see a post just to let you know how my eating, sleeping and exercising is going.

I love you all and thanks again for all your support.


The Winchester's said...

Great new's, is golf moderate enough? I guess skiing and rock climbing are out.

Lisa said...


So glad you're back. We have missed you as our home teacher but know you are taking care of what is important.

The update from us is David comes home March 29th. Hoorah!! We'll make sure he comes and says hi.

Take Care, Lisa and Matt

vickiticki said...

Good News Uncle Steve!
Sending our love from Korea...
Vicki & Joe

steveandconniefamily said...

Steve follow the doctors orders get lots of sleep, eat well and get strong enough to fight this invader again in March. You and your family are in our prayers.
Steve and Connie

Georgia said...

Great news, Steve! Hi to my cousin, Lynn, too!

Love, Cousin Georgia

Mark said...

I'm glad that you could get 'out of jail' yesterday and have lunch with us old guys. It was great and you really don't look like Howie Mandell. See you Wednesday for another lunch and learn.

Q said...

Good news! We sure would like to see you both sometime. We'll have to arrange a visit soon.