Monday, February 28, 2011

Good News Update

On the 18th of February I went in for my semi-annual testing and check-up. On the 25th we met with the doctor to go over the results . The bottom line is that all of my Myeloma markers are stable with no significant change from my last round of tests six months ago. So for the time being life goes on and I can ignore the elephant in the living room until August, when it will once again be test time.
For a life update read on....
We traveled to Wisconsin in October
Lia's Baptism Day
The King Family
October 2010

Lia , so beautiful and she was all smiles....all day!

Jaxon, Lia and Maggie

On the way to Lia's birthday dinner
Lia celebrating her eighth birthday

Maggie and Steve at Little Farmers

Lia and Jaxon off to school
We stayed with the kids while Tyler and Kelly took a short trip

Tyler, Kelly, Lia, Jaxon, and Maggie
Lambeau Field Tour

Steve and Lynn
Lambeau Field - such a fun tour--
Go Pack!!

Christmas Eve - Halversen and Hill Kids

Christmas Morning with the
Halversen Clan

Snowshoes - for Christmas
Ask Steve if he was excited about this gift??

February 2011
Jennifer, Steve and Kelly
Annual skiing trip - and Steve was able to join the girls this year!!

Kelly, Lynn and Jennifer
Steve's cheer leaders!!


Q said...

What fabulous news! I'm so glad you are able to get out and do more now, ie. the ski trip this year! We sure do miss you all.

Kristine said...

Good to hear your wonderful news. I hope your energy levels continue to rise as well as your opportunities to enjoy life. best wishes, Kristine

Nat said...

yeah for good news!!!!! we loved being with you for the family dinner. love all of you!

The Turman's said...

Glad to hear thinks are stable for now! So happy that you are enjoying spending time with your kids!

Georgia said...

Yay for you, Steve! Obviously I have not checked this for a long time, but was thinking of you as the reunion approaches. Will you all be going? Hilario and I are bringing Aunt Lou. Unfortunately, Diane and Phil have a wedding to go to on Phil's side of the family. Diane is here hanging out with me, and she says "Hello" ane "Yay", too! Hope to see you! Love, Georgia