Friday, November 6, 2009

Kentucky Rendezvous

Worth the Wait
Have you ever counted the days and just prayed that nothing would interfere with your carefully laid plans? Our family hadn't all been together for over two years, thankfully in October we gathered at the Halversen's home in Northern Kentucky. Two important events in our lives brought us together. Ethan, Jennifer and Gary's youngest son was baptized. Thus far we have not missed one of our grand children's baptisms, a record we plan to keep intact. Lia, Kelly and Tyler's oldest daughter, had her seventh birthday that weekend. Serious excitement. A few of the clan encountered some germs, they shared, passed it on and yet we managed to have a wonderful time together. Fall in Northern Kentucky and Cincinnati was picturesque and the weather was delightful. Thanks to the Halversens for their hospitality - can't wait until December in Wisconsin!!

Gary and EthanApparently we were early......

Ethan anxiously waiting to get started

Dinner after the baptism

The men and some of the girls ate an amazing amount of ribs - Tanner not surprisingly ate the MOST!!

Ethan and Jaxon were so entertaining, their small plates turned into flying saucers and their napkins were masks....they told tall tales - great fun to witness.

Decorating individual cakes for the birthdays - Ethan just turned eight the end of September

Ethan and Lia opening gifts

Lia, a true Wisconsinite with her Packer's shirt

Ethan with his comforter and chocolate!


Jennifer took those of us who had never been to Cincinnati on a tour.

Are they adorable or what?

Enjoyed the ride - it was a gorgeous day.

Kelly, Maggie & Tyler with the Ohio river in the background

Family Photos- everyone's favorite day!?

Great backyard - and exceptionally good looking family


The Kings

Standing - Lia, Lauren, Annie
Audrey & Maggie sitting

Jaxon, Tanner and Ethan


Q said...

Love those pictures of your family; I'll have to agree that is an exceptionally fine looking family, not to mention the backyard they were taken in!

The Winchester's said...

What a great famliy Ya'all have and Steve you are looking great! Lynn always looks great.

Nat said...

i love the picture of the family that is apparently early to the baptism. ethan looks like he is just beaming back behind everyone. love baptism days! glad you made it. your family is exceptionally good looking and exceptional in so many other ways. steve looks so good in these pictures. glad to see him continuing to recover.