Sunday, June 14, 2009

Life After Chemo

For as many years as I can remember Steve has always been excited to attend air shows. He has been fortunate enough to attend several all over the world. Last Saturday at Hill AFB, here in Layton, the Thunderbirds as well as other pilots in a variety of planes performed. Naturally Steve wanted to attend. Me I am thinking - thousands and thousands of people, walking a long distance to get to the side of the runway - of course watching anywhere else is not satisfactory as any purist would know - heat and a recovering cancer patient! Yeah - perfect scenario for a collapse. But I have learned that there are some battles that are better left alone. It was a wonderful day and the temperature was very moderate for this time of year. Steve left exhausted and a very happy man.

Kimball, Steve and Carter
Steve is with our niece's cute boys standing in front of the plane he flew as an instructor pilot over the dessert of Oklahoma and Texas. Though maybe not the most impressive of the planes on the flight line that day, Steve said it was very fun to fly and always an adventure with students at the controls.

Casey, Kimball, Steve P. and Steve T.
In his element Steve told many stories and answered lots of questions. Steve Petersen won the prize for number of questions asked and nothing could have made my Steve's day more enjoyable. Thanks to all for making it such a fun day, especially Cindy who spent her birthday doing what the men in her life wanted to do.


thehalvs said...

Wish we could have been there. Love the T-Birds and you guys too!

3 bOys and a giRL said...

Loved being there with Steve (and you too, Lynn). It was a treat to listen to the stories and to learn a bit about those planes. Couldn't have asked for a better tour guide :)

Love you guys. See you soon.

steveandconniefamily said...

Steve I am so glad youre doing well.

Katie King said...

Glad to know you are doing well. I was amazed that the airplanes flew in spite of the rain (hail on our deck) we had that weekend.

Nat said...

Thanks for taking such good care of my boys. Steve loved all the stories from Uncle Steve. They were happy and exhausted when they arrive home that night. Sorry I missed out on the fun.