Thursday, January 22, 2009

The question is........

The question is ............. Is this engraftment or an infection???

After several episodes of chills and spikes in his temperature Steve landed in the University of Utah Hospital. Apparently statistics show that 80% are hospitalized during this treatment - the other 20% of course was our goal.

Love that this is an outpatient program - Steve is a huge fan and like any sane individual avoids hospitalization like the plague.

We are hopeful this will be a very short stay as his lab work and vital signs are encouraging looking more like the engraftment process. See Steve's post on January 10th for a tutorial about engraftment if you missed it.

I want to give a heartfelt thanks to all who have included us in your prayers, it is appreciated greatly and means so much. We are sustained by your kindness shown in many ways - calls, cards, books, emails, text messages, quilts, sitters, soups, kitchen repair with a smile, breads, drawings from the grand kids, the hats, visits, comments on the blog - the snow removal service - so glad you got a break recently - we know some amazingly nice people! Will post when Steve is given the green light for visitors.


Cindy said...

I can't believe you are in the hospital. I was so sure you were home and doing great. I guess I had better check in more than once in a while. Sunday I heard you were going home Thursday and I thought I would call Saturday to see how you all were then I get this text from the "Care Giver" (and favorite cousin) that you are laid up in the U of U Hotel. Dang we were all hoping you would not have to go there. Glad you have such great spirits. And thanks again for the blogging it is the best. Hang in there it will only get better. Cindy

thehalvs said...

I love you Grandpa. I hope you are feeling better.

I went to school today. I played 'monster squeeze.' It's a math game I love. I went to lunch with Tanner and my mom. I got chicken fingers and celery with ranch.

Mom said you get to go home from the hospital and I like that you get to go.

I love you!

Annie Grace

Kristine said...

sorry to hear about your complications. Hope you are feeling better soon. I am on day 3 so far so good. Best og Luck!

Ann said...

We hope today is a really good day for you. Wish we could do more than think good thoughts for you. May each day be a little better.
Love you,
Paul and Ann

the kings said...

Hey dad - You are a rock star and a gangster....seriously how cool can you get? So glad that you are home from the hospital - rest up so we can come see you!

xoxo -